There are any number of ways to go about selecting a ring or a piece of jewelry for your loved one, as well as a number of factors to consider.

We have a helpful and highly detailed guide to make this process easier for you - ensuring that you find the piece you feel is right to mark the occasion.

If you want something distinct for your self or a ring as unique as your true love, have one created. Our custom studio was built to create of a kind jewelry items. Start with a diamond or gemstone you already have or allow us to source one for you. Together we can create a heirloom you'll be proud to wear.

Diamonds are the hardest naturally accruing mineral making it one of the few purchases that truly last forever. This eternal property is why we use diamonds to represent love. There are four properties that effect the price of a diamond. Learn more about the 4Cs here.

Gemstones have intrigued mankind since first discovered. Explore the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America Inc) gem encyclopedia and learn about each gem from one of the most trusted names in diamonds and gemstones.

Jewelry can be a large purchase we make it easy, check out our current credit card offer.

We recommend having your jewelry insured. Our care plans and warranty covers many incidents but theft or loss is not covered. Most home owners and rental insurance have riders or programs for jewelry. Jewelers Mutual specialists in jewelry insurance.