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Diamond Education

The 4 Cs

If your in the market for a new diamond or just want to know what the 4Cs are all about. Your in the right place.  We have been trained through G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America Inc.) for diamonds and use there terminology and scales.  There are many companies that offer evaluations or reports on diamonds but the definitions can be a little different. We like G.I.A for there consistent grades on diamonds.  Below you'll find the grade scale and short definition for each of the Cs and a short video on the history of G.I.A. enjoy!

The color grade is a letter from D to Z representing the colorlessness of the diamond.  D being without color and Z being with a lot of color.  Typically diamonds have at least a trace of brown or yellow.  Fancy colors are also available naturally and more commonly from treatment. 


The clarity grade is a scale from flawless to Imperfect.  This grade is done under 10x magnification and is based on the characteristics of the inclusion or blemishes in the stone.  With all other factors equal the closer to flawless a diamond is the more valuable it is.


The cut grade is how well the diamond was cut.  The proportions, finish and overall quality of the cut is considered when grading for the cut of a diamond.

The Carat is how much the diamond weighs, which is equal to 0.2 grams.  The heavier a stone is the more valuable it is, one diamond weighing 1/2ct is worth more then two  1/4ct diamonds. 


The History of GIA