Custom Design


After approval we create a prototype of your jewelry item.  This process makes a physical replica from a 3D file.  This prototype must be cleaned and cured in preparation for casting. 



The casting is quenched in room temperate water to keep the metal soft and malleable. Now we remove all extra gold from attaching the item to the flask. File and polish all surfaces, and drill any holes for stone setting. All stones are now set in the mounting, we use a pneumatic hammer for channel set and bezel set stones, this allows us to move a lot of gold for a secure setting and have lots of control for a straight setting. After all, settings are soldered on and stones are set its one last polish.



After we're happy with the prototype we attach it to a flask, fill the flask with investment. We vacuum the flask to remove any air bubbles from the investment. After the investment drys, we burn out the prototype resin and set it to a casting temperature. We use an induction casting machine to for consistent temperature and repeatable casting results.


 Using the C.A.D. allows us to create correct channels or stone arrangements to fit the stones you already have. If you don’t have any, no problem, we can supply whatever is needed.

Using the guidelines from our concept we design the new item of jewelry calibrated for the stones. We use Matrix Gold C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design) software for all our custom design. This is the most powerful jewelry design software available. When the design is finished we use powerful rendering software for a life like photo of the finished item. Now you can see what it will look like before it is made. If any changes need to be made we can tweak the design and make a new photo.